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Catastrophic Injury FAQ

Palmdale and Lancaster Injury Attorneys

What are some types of injuries that are considered catastrophic?

Catastrophic injuries are typically those that threaten the life of the victim or have a significant impact on the victim’s future. For example, head trauma, facial scarring, paraplegia, paralysis, quadriplegia, amputation and hearing loss may all be considered catastrophic injuries.

Does an injury have to be permanent for it to be classified as catastrophic?

An injury does not have to result in a permanent disability, injury or disfigurement for it to be considered catastrophic. In addition to injuries that result in permanent injury, catastrophic injuries may also include those that involve a great deal of pain, long recovery period and extensive medical bills.

What are some things that cause catastrophic injuries?

Catastrophic injuries in Palmdale and Lancaster may have various different causes. Auto accidents are a leading cause, including motorcycle accidents and trucking accidents in particular. Additional causes of serious injuries may include dog bites or attacks, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents and medical malpractice.

What will my injury claim be worth?

The value of your particular Lancaster or Palmdale injury claim may vary depending on the actual extent of injury as well as how this will affect you. Your lawyer will typically look to the amount of medical bills involved, as well as any lost earnings and the future impact of your injuries, such as future medical care or a decreased ability to earn the wages you once earned.

Can an attorney help with my serious injury claim?

A catastrophic injury attorney can help you in numerous ways in regard to your claim or lawsuit. With the legal knowledge and experience to properly address your case and protect your rights, an attorney can work to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions while seeking the highest amount of financial compensation possible.

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